Men’s Eyebrow Shaping - Buffalo, NY | DermaTech LLC

  • The goal in shaping men's brows is to ensure a clean, natural look that retains its masculine appeal. Keeping your brows neatly groomed will enhance your appearance gand boost your confidence.


  • Brow Design: Initial Consultation

     Expect this first-time appointment to take approximately 30 mins. It's essential that we allot this time for a first time appointment to create the look that best suits your face. Includes shaping the brow by means of waxing/plucking and trimming. Followed by your choice of either a semi-permanent Brow Tint Or a cosmetic Brow Design using our custom brow powder, highlighter and brow gel.

    • 30 Minutes $30
  • Anti-Wrinkle Collagen eye Treatments help to keep the delicate skin under the eyes taut and supple. This effectively decreases the wrinkles under the eyes as well as eliminates subtler signs of aging and keeping your skin looking youthful by reducing dark circles, crow's feet & puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles, while it smooths, tightens and hydrates the skin improving it's elasticity, resilience and damage

  • Brow Design - Cosmetic

    • 20 Minutes $18
  • Brow Tint - semi permanent

    • 20 Minutes $18
  • Brow Tint with Anti-Wrinkle Collagen eye Treatment

    • 30 Minutes $35
  • Anti-Wrinkle Collagen eye Treatment

    • 30 Minutes $20