Volume Eyelash Extensions, Lifting & Tinting in WNY | DermaTech LLC

  • If you're looking for less maintenance, consider Eyelash lifting and Tinting. Lash Tint is safe and long lasting. Enjoy waterproof dark lashes without mascara. Regardless of how short or long your eyelashes are The Lash Lift will give them instant length and create the illusion of bigger, brighter, ultra feminine eyes, eliminating the need for an eyelash curler which tugs at the delicate skin of the eyelids and in some cases pulls out your natural lashes prematurely. Below you will find our semi-permanent Eyelash Lifting and Tinting options.


  • Brow Tint - Semi permanent

    • 20 Minutes $20
  • Lash Tint - semi permanent

    • 20 Minutes $25
  • Brow & Lash Tint - semi permanent

    • 25 Minutes $40
  • Eyelash Lift - semi permanent

    • 45 Minutes $80
  • Lash Lift & Tint - semi permanent

    • 55 Minutes $95
  • The results of Eyelash Lift typically last 6-8 weeks or the natural growth cycle of the lashes.

    The results of an Eyelash Tint typically 6-8 weeks Or the natural growth cycle of the lashes

    These results vary from person to person.